January 17, 2021

Vintage World Without End Kite Periwinkle Crazy Star Quilt

Sold Price: $67 | # of Bids: 20

Sold On: 2016-12-29

This quilt was made with 100% cotton fabrics, top and backing, and 100% cotton batting, but both the setting and the quilting were done by machine, NOT by hand. Although it is perfectly set, creating a quilting pattern that is quite interesting the fact is the overall impression of this piece is somewhat rustic, maybe because this was made at home, to use the quilt as a decorative bedspread, and not for sale or as a gift. It seems a very nice, but functional item, for family use and enjoyment. It might have been made in a farm, but the fabrics, as far as we can tell, are not feed sack scraps. Two of the fabrics (same print with different colors) have kitchen-related text in French. There are other “novelty” prints as well, but the most used is the one in French. The quilt is heavy, but not a comforter; it measures approximately 80″ by 67″; the bed is a queen, 80″ by 60″. The pattern has many names: Crazy Star, Four Points, Kite Quilt, Periwinkle, and World Without End.

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