June 21, 2021

Pretty 1940’s Dresden Plate Applique Quilt

Sold Price: $133 | # of Bids: 18

Sold On: 2017-03-10

Very pretty vintage/antique applique quilt made around the 1940’s in the Dresden Plate pattern.  “Not many quilts were made in the 1940’s.  During the Depression Years, quilts were made in response to the frugal times, and during the war years & rationing.  This is such a lovely quilt with the pretty nile green, red, darker green & white fireworks/floral print, which is feed sack, against the near white background… very striking.  The quilt measures 81″ x 62″ & is in excellent condition.  There are no stains, holes, no fraying.  The only blemish is a small tear on the backside in the binding.  The hand quilting is extremely nice – all of the stitches are tiny, tight & even with 9-10 top stitches per inch!  Every ‘petal’ of the plate is quilted around the inside in like shape while the centers are quilted in a feather wreath medallion design.  The white background is quilted in a 1” grid design while the border & sashing is quilted in a long feather motif.

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