January 17, 2021

New York Beauty Quilt

New York Patchwork Quilt

This fine example of a late 19th century quilt circa 1880 makes liberal use of rust brown, teal and white colors. It is roughly 90 inches by 90 inches and the back is white feedsack material. It is completely hand pieced and stitched. New York Beauty quilts first appeared around 1850  and traditionally incorporates four quarter circles or arcs with points moving out from the curved seams.


The seller mentioned that it looks as though a trapunto technique was used on the white sections of the quilt. Trapunto is Italian and means “to embroider” and is also known as “stuffed technique”. It’s a method where at least two layers are used and the bottom is slit to insert stuffing to produce a raised opposite surface.


This is another great quilt from the late 19th century and sold for $1500. Quilts like this are becoming more and more difficult to find and prices continue to go up for quality examples.