October 29, 2020

Exquisite Vintage Rare Embroidery Engagement Ring Hope Of Spring Delight Quilt

Sold Price: $146 | # of Bids: 15

Sold On: 2017-02-17

101 x 90 Huge King Size Inches – Exquisite Embroidery Wedding, or Engagement Ring Medallions! Wild Flower Floral Calico Prints! Absolutely exquisite vintage huge, king sized quilt! Vibrant, bright colors; a backdrop, and reverse, of ivory cream vanilla white! Fancy, gently scalloped borders; skirted with ornate wildflowers, Rose Chiffon, California Poppy Native Wildflowers! Feathery, silver blue leaves, blended perfectly with jade green! Add a hint of harvest burnished gold, and wedgewood blue! Bright medallion, Wedding or Engagement Rings, Decorated in bright Turquoise, Aqua Marine, Fire Side Orange, Russet, Teal, Harvest Gold, Butter Yellow, and Wedgewood Blue! A fine blend, of embroidery, piece patchwork, and waffle quilting! Absolute perfect condition, no rips, tears, no stains! A rare find! Fine, yet, thin and sturdy, substantial cotton!