January 17, 2021

Baltimore Album Quilt 1854

Baltimore Album Quilt

This fantastic Baltimore Album quilt is hand stitched and hand embroidered. It is dated 1854 so it is pre Civil War. There aren’t too many of these types of quilts around any more. The Baltimore quilt originated in none other then Baltimore in the 1840’s. They are characterized by the numerous blocks that make up the quilt. Each block is appliqued with a different design and then pieced together.

Baltimore Album Quilt 2

Baltimore quilts usually feature floral patterns but can incorporate other designs as well.  Like this quilt, they usually have a white background and utilize reds, greens and blues in the color scheme. This particular quilt has about 10 stitches per inch and features a triple border of red, brown and white. This seasoned quilt is a great representation of the period.


This particular Baltimore Album quilt sold for nearly $4000 and probably made a great addition to someones collection.